Hello Spotlights, how are you dazzling lights of influence? I hope all is well, last night it went down at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. The Hollywood Confidential partnered with SAG-AFTRA and Walgreens for an amazing Panel discussion, about the (television) entertainment industry with panelist Issa Rae , Logan Laurie, and Dawn-Lyen Gardner.

Each panelist was amazing and had their own journey into the entertainment industry.

Issa Rae (HBO’s Insecure) kept it real and shared her struggles of being broke, celebrating way too early (quitting her job), and how she learned patience with the process of transitioning from the internet to Network Television. As a native of Los Angeles it was very important for her to highlight South Los Angeles in her hit show Insecure. 

Dawn -Lyen Gardner (OWN’s Queen Sugar) another Los Angeles native was your typical LA story she was approached by a manager and was told that her complexion would look great on television. Dawn entered the industry at a young age, she shared that as a black actress she has a responsibility to the community. 

Logan Laurie (VH1’s Hit the Floor) moved out to LA at the age of 14 she wish someone would have told her about the struggle life of being an actress. A struggle of hers is she didnt want to be typecasted in hollywood, prior to landing her role on Hit The Floor, Logan spent 8 months in dancing training on her own dime. (Talk about dedication) 
Whether you are an up and coming entertainer or seasoned this event was the place to be because many gems were dropped. Issa said let your work speak for itself, Dawn said stay in learning mode when youre not working be in acting class. Logan said she was a realist but she was very much in tuned with God. Make sure that you communicate with God and take his lead. 

Here are my gems for my spotlights 1) Invest in your craft/yourself by attending acting/modeling classes /workshops, 2) maintain your health/style/look 3) Do the work by gaining experience/exposure even if its non-paid, step out of your comfort zone. 4) Continue to put out content (updating headshots, portfolios, blogs, etc and stay creative! 

The best surprise: Logan ended the event in prayer. I am telling you don’t just come to Los Angeles. thinking you don’t need prayer or God – this entertainment world isn’t for the faint of heart. 


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Allow God to lead you in this journey we call life”. -Spotlight Diva