“The View” Skewed?

ABC's "The View" - Season 16

Co-host Sherri Shepherd stated Thursday that she would be leaving the ABC daytime talk show, The View, after 7 years — a move that prompted another co-host, Jenny McCarthy, to announce that she would also be leaving.


The departure of the two adds to a growing list of exits. The Daily Beast described it as a “massacre.”


“It’s been seven wonderful years on The View and after careful consideration it is time for me to move on,” Shepherd said in a statement toEntertainment Tonight.


R.I.P. Bobby Womack


Legendary soul singer Bobby Womack died Friday, Womack’s publicist said. He was 70.

“I am sadly able to confirm but I have no details at this time,” said Sonya Kolowrat, his publicist with XL Recordings.

Womack, whose career started before he was 10, wrote and performed hits such as “That’s the Way I feel About Cha” and “Across 110th Street.”

He also wrote The Rolling Stones’ first U.S. No. 1 hit, “It’s All Over Now.”

Womack was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009





Who is Sillowett?


Sillowett                             sil

The Streets are buzzing about this female artist blazing the streets of Miami! I had the pleasure of watching her perform and getting her to chat with me in The Spotlight Lounge. Not only does she have stage presence but Ms. Sillowett is truly passionate about  her city and craft! She started rapping at the age of 16, presently completing her 2nd Indie compilations album,  as a mother of two and a entertainer she shows that she is determined and willing to put her all to make her mark in this industry!


Sillowett definitely supports local artists and want them to do the same in essence we all we got!!! Support is key in Miami. Sillowett’s dream collaboration would be with the Pit Bull in The Skirt (Eve) and I approve!  These two on a track would be bananas… One thing that stood out to me with Sillowett is that she has a song about the father of her children titled Letter To My Donor” and not once did she bash them… yes you read right… She raps about her real life situation and doesn’t have to put them down. “Letter to My Donor”  is a great track and I applaud her for taking that route.



Sillowett is a woman of purpose and I look forward to watching her evolve in this industry. Check out her mixtape  http://www.datpiff.com/Sillowett-Flavor-Of-The-Year-mixtape.511066.html  Let the SpotlIght DIva know what you think about Sillowett The Black Goddess



Sex Sent Me to the E.R.


Love makes the world go round, for sure. But in some instances, love and sex can lead people through the swinging doors of the emergency room, with medical mishaps that are bizarre, potentially risky and very, very funny!

See the hilarious (and sometimes horrifying) sexual situations that land people in the emergency room. On TLC’s New Show Sex Sent Me to The ER. Every Saturday. You will recognize a familiar face in a frisky pool episode (lol)


I am featured in an episode of Sex Sent Me to The ER and to relive these people stories was crazy and interesting. I can just imagine what they were really going through.

Now dont be to alarmed by the pics we are safe for tv 🙂


Here is a little sneak peak http://bit.ly/1kBloGg

In the wake of the newly released sex-tape of Mimi Faust of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta folks don’t try these things at home hanging off shower rods is not the business!!!! I know one thing for sure I will be tuning in to VH1 to see how this entire fiasco plays out…

Lisa Raye Kiss Cancer Goodbye!

This past weekend Lisa Raye joined the Jem’s Life for ASPS FOUNDATION to raise money and awareness.The fundraiser was held on a beautiful rooftop in downtown Los Angeles, CA

photo (18)

Jem’s Life for ASPS is a non-profit organization formed in 2010 after celebrity makeup artist Jemisha McFerrin was diagnosed with ASPS. Sadly Jemisha lived misdiagnosed for nearly 9 years before her passing. In wake of Jemisha’s passing the foundation strives to keep her mission alive by helping others battling this rare and deadly disease by raising funds, awareness and supporting their needs so they can focus as they fight one of the biggest fights of their lives.

To  learn more visit jemslifeforasps.org

Special guests joined Lisa Raye to raise awareness for this special event…

   photo (16)

Pop Group Gifted Nations

 photo (15)

Choreographer and Designer – Schynthia Johnson

photo (17) photo (13)photo (25)

Rapper AD Loc, Model Coco Brown , and Celebrity Make Up artist Daniela Rawson

Over 300 Guests came out and supported this great cause they had the pleasure of receiving mini-makeovers at the Nakeah’s Cosmetic and Beauty Lounge I participated in the makeover  special thanks to Terra Darene for completing my makeover.

photo (26) photo (27)

Ms. Lisa Raye enjoyed herself in the lounge as well.  

DSCN8376 DSCN8377 DSCN8379 DSCN8381


What’s an event with out fabulous vendors and special treats


Sheri Judah www.americanjewel.com


Sheri Judah www.americanjewel.com


V-Line organic Skincare & Cosmetics www.vlineorganic.com


Culinary Creations by Asia

Lisa Raye was a gracious and fabulous host she posed with her fans and sponsors while attendees overlooked  a beautiful downtown skyline and danced the night away  The Hula Girl Drinks were flowing all night it was a great event for a great cause. I look forward to see what the foundation has planned for their 3rd annual event next year. 





Choreographer & Designer Schynthia Johnson,  Spotlight Diva, Madame Bush, Davanh , and Kholee




photo (24)

photo (23)

photo (22)

Photo Credit: Devona Roy Photography, and Sandy The Spotlight Diva

Lupita is a Lancome Beauty



USA TODAY’s Donna Freydkin reported today of Ms. Lupita’s newest gig read more about it below!!!

Ms. Lupita is having a stellar year and it keeps on getting better.

Best supporting actress winner Lupita Nyong’o,  joins the ranks of Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts as one of Lancome’s ambassadors. Ads will start appearing in September.

“I am truly honored to join the Maison Lancôme, a brand with such a prestigious history that I have always loved. I am particularly proud to represent its unique vision for women and the idea that beauty should not be dictated, but should instead be an expression of a woman’s freedom to be herself,” Nyong’o said in a statement released by the French beauty house.


Lupita Nyong'o 184005494KW00055_Premiere_O

Nyong’o also popped up in Miu Miu’s spring 2014 campaign, and sat front-row at the brand’s recent show.

Throughout awards season, Nyong’o dazzled fashion watchers with her impeccable and often-daring fashion sense, which ranged from Chanel to Gucci to that red Ralph Lauren cape dress. She was both deeply elegant and elegantly fierce.

“I had to give a speech about beauty right before the Oscars,” she said in WWD, “and for me, beauty is a compassion for yourself and those around you. And I think that in focusing on that, the light inside illuminates the beauty outside. The idea that Lancôme now has a few actor ambassadors is significant because actors are not just faces, they are spirits that people enjoy and relate to more than in an aesthetic way. We have the privilege of standing for something other than just looks.”


Fat Girl Dancing!

Well look what I have stumbled upon. I am part of a plus size dance team (Evolution Dance Team)  based in Los Angeles, CA and its always refreshing to see women of size truly dancing and look good doing it.

Meet Whitney she’s an On-Air Producer of The Jared & Katie in the Morning on 1075 KZL

whitneyplus whitneydance11

Images by Misty- Misty Felde Photography

Whitney titled her video Fat Girl Dancing she has no qualms with that word!!!

She breaks it down why she titled her video Fat Girl Dancing

” No one else chose it for me to shame me or make fun of me. I chose it because I’m OWNING it. I’m making a point – I’m fat AND I can dance. I’m juxtaposing the two things together in a way that people think is not possible. And hopefully, I’m changing some minds about what fat people are capable of. 19 years after I first internalized my fat shame, I’m finally learning to let it go. I’ve learned how to be fat, beautiful, smart and fucking fabulous ALL at the same time. I don’t have to be one or the other. I don’t have to let F-word define my capabilities and you don’t either.”  I’m a bad-ass and a fat-ass and that is perfectly all right with me.

Check out her moves and what her campaign is all about!