Articles for the Month of January 2017


Awesome start to the new year Jet Beauty of the Week has its first curvy BEAUTY Evolution of Curves Alum KIA BILLINGER she’s a force to be reckoned with. Brains and Beauty we look forward to seeing more of her in 2017 CONGRATS!!!!  

VILLA BLANCA – New Drink Alert

Hey Spotlights, I had the pleasure of going to Villa Blanca, the highlight of my evening was partaking in the White Tiger Cocktail. Heaven in my mouth 

It’s White Tiger Vodka and White Godiva, the only thing missing was some shaved White Godiva I would have flipped out. Also when you purchase this drink some proceeds goes towards the White Tiger Foundation. 

Overall the food was awesome, the ambiance was excellent I love the decor. My only issue was the long wait to get our food. I would love to go back  their lunch menu is definetely worth it so many options and it’s so vibrant during the daytime! 


Hey Spotlights, I want to share my experience of this new place I spotted, CATCH LA! My good girlfriend (Dominique)  came into town we decided to try this new eatery. Where do I begin ? The atmosphere and decor was on point, as you step out the elevator you look at this magnificent wall it looks classic and modern at the same time. As you continue to walk you notice the Catch door but that walkway itself makes you feel like you’re on a runway!!!! 

Next I want to  discuss the food, but it’s better  show you!!!! 


(MY FAV) Blood Orange and grapes ​French Toast 

The Waffle Tower (😳😳😳) A CROWD PLEASER 


Sparkling water (I felt fancy lol) 
What I love about Catch LA is that their menu has options for everyone Vegan, Foodies, Dieters , whatever there’s something for everyone, their customer service is on point. We were treated well and even when the top of our tower fell the chef whipped up another one for us … I would definitely go back I want to try the lobster Mac, I do want to have a night experience at Catch La can we say date night? Who’s taking me out? Lol anyways guys until next time. When you are in LA make sure you check out CATCH LA! 

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