Articles for the Month of May 2014

Who is Sillowett?


Sillowett                             sil

The Streets are buzzing about this female artist blazing the streets of Miami! I had the pleasure of watching her perform and getting her to chat with me in The Spotlight Lounge. Not only does she have stage presence but Ms. Sillowett is truly passionate about  her city and craft! She started rapping at the age of 16, presently completing her 2nd Indie compilations album,  as a mother of two and a entertainer she shows that she is determined and willing to put her all to make her mark in this industry!


Sillowett definitely supports local artists and want them to do the same in essence we all we got!!! Support is key in Miami. Sillowett’s dream collaboration would be with the Pit Bull in The Skirt (Eve) and I approve!  These two on a track would be bananas… One thing that stood out to me with Sillowett is that she has a song about the father of her children titled Letter To My Donor” and not once did she bash them… yes you read right… She raps about her real life situation and doesn’t have to put them down. “Letter to My Donor”  is a great track and I applaud her for taking that route.



Sillowett is a woman of purpose and I look forward to watching her evolve in this industry. Check out her mixtape  Let the SpotlIght DIva know what you think about Sillowett The Black Goddess